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Floating Mobile Architecture

New Style of Living - Living on the Water

Toward a New Style of Living

Living with nature is the best way of living style in human life. Especially life on water will be meaningful in terms of the way of living with nature. It will create lots of flexibilities not only in our physical life style but also in our social life style. It is based on the particular character of living environment, mobility. Navigating from here to there we can have many different private gardens, which is natural sphere. And we can also have wide communities like internet world.

In a way mobile floating architecture for life on the water is ‘beyond architecture’ toward a new style of living.


Form and Functions

Considering mobility form is designed with fluid and hydrodynamic type under the limitation of dimension (L=15m, W=5m, and total H=4.8m). It makes possible not only to be capable of float on the water but also to be stable from the wind and the water ripple while the house stays in place.The form consists of three parts: roof area, living area, and a draught area. These three different partsare unified with the compact structure and folding surfaces. Fluid form created by folding surfaces can generate space for storage and service. It is afford for the floating house to be self-sufficiency. Roof surface is designed to passive-energy unit: photovoltaic modular system and rainwater harvestsystem. The folding surface for living creates two areas in different levels: day-time area and nighttimearea. The space between living surface and draught surface is used for supply and waste disposal. The fluid form with wood strip will make new elegant landscape in Lusatian Lakelands.


Folding Living Space

The house is to be open to the natural surroundings, while at the same time guaranteeing privacy.Glazed on the three sides, the facade has wood louvers. Folding surface makes two levels and can be afford to divide into two areas: day-time area and nighttime area. Day-time area is opened to outside and is brighten by natural light during the day. There is entrance, corridor and kitchen. One surface makes sitting place, desk, and kitchen furniture folding along corridor. Underneath surface for day-time area there is storage and cavity for pipes. On the other hand night-time area is located 90cm lower than day-time area. In fact, half of height isplaced under water level. There is top light window in each room. There is view finder on the corridor floor to be able to see the under water.



Floating Mobile Architecture






Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) Furst-Puckler-Land GmbH



Lusatian, Germany


Program: House 







Yeol Park



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