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competition | 3rd prize

경기도시공사 융복합센터

GICO Convergence Center 

Happy-Dream Tower

Based on the flow if the master plan we tried to secure a sense of openness by preparing a passageway between the adjacent Gyeonggi-do Office and the Provincial Office of Education.

In order to maximize the publicity of the office building, open facilities for citizens were zoned to the lower floors to increase the accessibility of citizens, and a library was prepared between the security and open areas in the building to plan a place for communication with citizens.

Through a green atrium that actively attracted the flow of Dasan Park on the north side, we create not only a pleasant work environment but also a creative smart green office. 

Happy-Sharing Center

The complex facility building, located in the center of the Gyeonggi Convergence Town, is completing the entire master plan by extending the flow of Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do, and the Provincial Office of Education.

The CBD walking axis of the master plan was linked with the inside of the facility to enable a three-dimensional access for many citizens.
The media facade in connection with the central Sunken Plaza and the green facade in consideration of elementary schools are intended to be considerate of the surrounding environment and achieve harmony with the surroundings.



GICO Convergence Center


3rd prize


Gyeonggi Urban Innivation Corporation 



Suwon, South Korea

Program: Office, Commercial Complex 

Site : 4,754.00 sqm. for Headquarters

     : 3,744 sqm. for Complex Facility

BLDG. Area

 : 2,827.93 sqm.(Headquarters)

 : 2,184.27 sqm.(Complex Facility)

Gross FL. Area

 : 37,402.27 sqm.(Headquarters)

 : 21,238.02 sqm.(Complex Facility)

Structure: RC+SC




TYPS.Lab + Tomoon


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