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int.competition | 4th prize

청주시청사 건립 국제설계공모 2단계 국제지명초청공모

International Competition for Cheongju New City Hall, S. Korea- Phase II

:International Invited Competition


Forum Romanum is a symbolic place which represent democratic space with Agora in Athens, Greece. Roman Forum, the center of urban public life, was a naturally build urban space with temples, basilicas, and various monuments which were built in over time. The Roman Forum, the old city of Rome, served as a central role for Roman politics and economy, at the same time as a space for Roman citizens. It is a daily space where national events such as triumphal arches, public speeches, elections and festivals are held every day for Roman citizens. Urban plaza in Italy have the place symbolism of the Roman Forum and continue to perform as a central role in the city life of citizens until these days.


Public spaces in urban such as plazas and city parks, should primarily be a spaces where people could gather, and provide an environment for mutual communication based on people's autonomy and voluntary participation. Cheongju City Hall as a public building, will be planned under the core proposition of integration and autonomy, and must start from the essential meaning of the city hall. These days, the public space which is called city hall should be a place where open to citizens, and people could gather and communicate, but not a dignified and authoritative place in a modern city.


Cheongju City Hall which locate at the center of the original city, should be a daily space that is the center of citizens' daily life and cultural life as a central role of the original city space, not just a space for performing administrative functions. The urban culture which create by autonomous people, will vitalize to the original city of Cheongju, and the city hall will be at the center of citizens' voluntary/autonomous integration and vitalization of original city.


The lower level of the integrated Cheongju City Hall which compose of a dual scale between cities and regions, distributed various programs of the original city and support programs that can be linked to programs of the original city. Through this, the daily life of Cheongju citizens in the original city, make their daily life to spread naturally in the area of Cheongju City Hall. the large scale of Cheongju City Hall and the City Council which are floating in the upper part from the ground and connecting by three-dimensional movement from the ground floor which is the daily space of Cheongju citizens, will create a symbolic urban landscape of integrated Cheongju city in the 21st century as an administrative work space for the administration of integrated Cheongju city.



International Competition for Cheongju New City Hall, S. Korea- Phase II


4th prize


Cheongju City 


Cheongju, South Korea


City Government Building, City Council

Site Area: 28,459 mq 

(Current City Hall Area 12,922 mq) 



Design Team:

TYPS.Lab(Yeol Park, Sang Hyun Byun, Seo Dong Hoon), SOLIDEA(Young Hoon Kim, Min Jung Kim, Sung Hee Jang, Byung Kuk Yoo, Kyung Hoon Suk), SU&SU Design ARCHITECTS(Seoung Su Choi, Jun Su Choi), studio_garage(Jung Hyun Park)


D&E Structural Engineering Corporate


MIRAE Environment Plan


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